bit:Rover (產品包括Micro:bit)

bit:Rover (產品包括Micro:bit)


bit Rover® is a "plug and play" mini rover kit built specifically for the Micro:Bit microcontroller. Users can simply upload codes to the Micro:Bit, plug it into the bit Rover® and they will have a fully functional robot!


Let it stick to the track with its 2 front light sensors, detect obstacles with its ultrasonic sensor, and move freely with 2 wheels on each side. 2 programmable RGB LEDs allows quick status display, or just perform a little light show while it’s wandering around!


We have also put LEGO stud size holes on the corners of bit Rover ® , so users can customize the bit Rover ® with all sorts of LEGO bricks as they like, give it a shell to fit or even a pair of claws!



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