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Our AI Robot Engineer course for kids rated “excellent” by Education Alliance Finland

Today we are extremely proud to announce that Education Alliance Finland (EAF) has recognized RIHK’s AI robot engineer course as a quality educational course, which meets the highest international standards and can greatly contribute to the development of key 21st-century skills, making it the first EAF certified AI robot engineer course in Asia.

AI Robot Engineer is a 5 level course with each level spanning 1 year. The course covers a wide variety of topics including artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, etc. Students can also take part in projects and competitions which allow students to learn independently and think critically.

Report Summary

EAF’s report concluded that: 


‘The versatile lesson package offers a wealth of lessons on engineering and

computing, very thorough instructions, and additional materials.’

‘Programming is well tied to real-life situations and lesson plans contain important information from STEM subjects.’

‘The projects are relevant to the modern world and are likely to encourage an interest in the area it teaches.’

Pedagogical Approach

Learning Engagement

Learning Goal

In this following aspects:

About Education Alliance Finland (EAF)

Education Alliance Finland brings together the Finnish pedagogical expertise from three sources; the Finnish research, learner perception and the experience of the Finnish education to find the best possible tools for learning for teachers and learners all around the world.

EAF will assign the product to educators, who are a specialist in the product's subject area. The evaluation results are managed by an Education Alliance Finland's personnel. The evaluators use the product and screen it with the  Education Alliance Finland's evaluation method.

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